My very first blog post!


Well now I’ve gone and done it. With this post it’s official. I’m a blogger. Normally I might be tempted to write my first post about who I am and why I’m blogging in the first place. But I’ve already done that in the About page. If you haven’t read that yet you might want to check it out. There’s some interesting stuff about me in there.

It’s Monday and I’m in the mood for some music. Hey– music… Monday… I think I’ve discovered my first feature. Music Monday. I like it.Maybe we’ll talk about music every Monday.  Music has always been a big part of my life. I can’t imagine life without it, really. I love all of it. (Well, almost. Sorry thrash metal. I just can’t deal with you). Music has this incredible way of going in through our ears and flooding us into our deepest parts with intense emotions, doesn’t it? Or is it just me? Maybe this isn’t the normal response and if that’s true it’s unfortunate. I hope music does to you what it does to me.  I  hear a song and I’m instantly transported to a very happy place, or a very sad place, or a very whatever-the-emotion place.

My intense connection with music is why it works so well for me when I’m in a dark place. When I’ve got one or two toes into the abyss of self-loathing, depression or despair I can always count on music to lift me out of it. As long as I don’t play something sad or sappy that is, which I’ve been known to do. For some reason when I’m feeling really bad about life I’m drawn to music that makes me feel worse. That’s a mistake. Don’t do it. It’s pretty darn counterproductive. But if I listen to a song that makes me feel, even for a moment, a glimmer of what’s good in life, well then I’m golden. It speaks to me like nobody else can. It grabs me by the soul and digs in deep and pulls me right on up out of the pit. At least for a little while.

That’s exactly what happened when I first heard the song, My Beloved, by Crowder. It was in January of this year and I was in my last week of a partial hospitalization program for severe depression. When I started the program in October of last year I was in the deepest, darkest pit I’ve ever been. Now I’m not going to tell you that music alone got me out of it. That would be just silly and I’m sure (I hope!) you wouldn’t believe me. Therapists, and medicine, and prayer and hard work got me out of it. But music helped.

Anyway, I might be digressing a little bit so let me reel it back in. My Beloved is a song about waiting in anticipation for God and the light he brings to our lives. When I first heard it in January (and maybe a *few* times since) I had tears pouring down my cheeks. Especially when I heard the lyric “there’s a sun coming up in my soul”. That’s what was happening to me. I had improved so much since October, and that’s exactly what it felt like. A sun coming up in my soul. I still get emotional when I listen to this song because it’s a sweet reminder of how low I was and how high God has lifted me.

On that note, may I present to you, My Beloved by David Crowder. Enjoy!

Are there any songs that can lift you up when you’re feeling down? A song that just makes you smile? One that makes you get up and dance even when you’re feeling crummy? I’d love it if you would share them with me in the comments! I’m always looking for new music to add to my repertoire.



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